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    Welcome to Paintball.fi, a website for all Finnish speaking paintball enthusiasts. Paintball.fi offers a news service, forums, interviews, tournament reports and other articles.

    Most of the site is in Finnish, but we also have paintball related videos and photographs which can be enjoyed without any knowledge of Finnish language:


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    We have thousands of pictures available from Finnish tournaments and scenariogames. Click here for the gallery index page.

    Advertising in Paintball.fi

    Paintball.fi has several options for foreign companies wishing to enter Finnish market.

    Banner Advertising

    Normal banner ads at the top of the page, sizes 728*90 pixels. Good for reaching both tournament and recreational paintball players in Finland.

    Paintball.fi also has a very popular page for paintball fields in address www.paintball.fi/vuokraamot, but that works only for those companies which have a field/retail location in Finland.

    For further information about advertising in Paintball.fi, please contact info@paintball.fi.